What's The Material?

Our jewelry is 18K Gold Filled, Rhodium Filled, and Gold Plated. We are currently working on our "IL LUXE" section, which will include solid gold jewelry with natural gemstones and diamonds (Estimated for the end of 2024)

Is It Waterproof?

Our 18K GOLD FILLED and RHODIUM FILLED is water resistant. You can take a shower with out jewelry. It is advised to not go in a pool, as the chemicals in a pool will cause the jewelry to wear down faster.

To preserve your IL Jewelry, dry it with a towel or cloth after wetting it to keep it looking good as new.

Our Gold Plated jewelry will wear down faster if overexposed to water as it has a thin layer of gold that is easier to wear down.

How Can I Clean My Jewelry?

Cleaning is super easy!

Just wash it with warm water and dish soap for a few seconds. Dry with a microfiber cloth or any gentle cloth you have and boom! Shiny clean jewelry. You can also use a polishing cloth or any jewelry cleaner you may have.

DIY WAY -> Grab a bowl and line the inside with aluminum foil. Put equal parts baking soda and salt inside. Then, put your jewelry piece inside and pour hot hot hot water over top. You'll hear it start to fizz up! Stir it with a non metal utensil for a minute and dry it with a microfiber cloth. Watch as your jewelry looks good as new!

Do You Ship Worldwide?

Yes! We work with USPS and DHL to ship around the world. Just be sure to select international shipping if you are outside the United States.

If you have any other questions, reach out here!

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